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Preds & Threads was built, and is owned and maintained by Daniel Rogers, long time fan of the Nashville Predators and avid collector of Predators jerseys and related memorabilia.  A native of Hendersonville, Tennessee, Daniel lives with his family in northern Kentucky, but still proudly watches every game and reps the gold all over the state.

His aim is to see this become a place that unites fans and collectors for the boys in gold from all over, providing information and community at a time when it is sometimes difficult to find quality information about the hobby. Got a question for him?  Just send an email to, and he'll get back to you as soon as possible. 




Want to show your appreciation?  Running this site costs money!  Help offset costs with a small contribution to keep Preds & Threads going!  Send him a small tip/donation HERE.  Thank you :)

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