Autograph Removal

Some collectors love autographs on jerseys, often when they're hung or framed for display, but avid jersey wearers often shy away from buying autographed jerseys - preferring a cleaner look.  Do you have a jersey you own (or would like to own) but hate that it's got an autograph - or perhaps is even LITTERED with autographs?  Removal takes time and work, but in most cases it can be done!

I've successfully removed many autographs in Sharpie and permanent marker, and I'm happy to do the same for your jersey.  The process takes patience, work, and the right materials but the finished results can take your sweater - especially a rare or vintage one - from a complete mess to a fresh work of art. 


  • $30 + Cost to ship back to you (for the first autograph)

  • ​$10 for each additional autograph ​

  • Jerseys with full-team autographs can be quoted for less


There may be some circumstances in which removal may be impossible or very difficult depending on material or autograph location (for example, a heavy autograph along the stitching of a number).  However, this is not typical.  Most can, and just require the right tools for the job. 


Want to schedule a job - or have more questions?  E-mail me at

Some of our work:


A priceless, extremely rare goalie-cut white alternate


Big jobs are a multi-treatment process.  This one's about 80% completed.


Fully restored and ready to go home.  Beautiful!


Before removal - several prominent signatures


During the process - halfway there!


The finished product - good as new :)


This Navy Alternate had a prominent signature on the hem.  Odd placement, to say the least


A couple of hours of working the stain out, and GONE


This one's clean and fully restored for its owner!