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Photo Matching

Letters of authenticity are nice to have, but can be easily forged.  Collectors agree that the most accurate form of authentication is matching the marks, wear, patches, and material imperfections on the jersey you own to a photo of the jersey being worn and played in during game action.  Unfortunately, it can be very difficult or time consuming to find a photo that showcases your jersey's identifying marks.

Do you have a jersey you'd like to match?  Let me do the work for you!  I've authenticated many jerseys over the years, and I'd love to do the same for you!  Some simply can't be matched, but for the ones that can, all I ask for is the cost for acquiring materials for the match or $10, whichever ends up being more, and if a letter of authentication is desired, $10 mailed (in the U.S.)

Want to commission a search?  Send me a message at

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